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Onlyfans 10+ ways celebrities make money

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Following the growth of Onlyfans alot of Celebrities also turned to the platform in order to get into a closer relationship with their followers and ad an extra income stream.

What type of celebrities are on Onlyfans?

In general a Celebrity is mostly an actor, singers, musician, athletes, writers, models, Royals but also chefs, fitness coach, make up artist and more.

There are alot of singers, musicians and actors on Onlyfans around the world.

By media giants you are considered a Celebrity once you have more than 5 million followers on social media.

How do Celebrities earn on Onlyfans?

Celebrities earn through their monthly subscription price they set, and also earn with personalized one on one messages, and also they receive direct tips aswell.

These are 10+ examples on how Celebrities are earning on Onlyfans and how you can take inspiration from

1. Tv and Film Actors

Actors can give a glimpse into their current or upcoming projects.
Share information that they do not share on their socials or with the media.
From the smallest details to the biggest allowed information.
Thus building a stronger anticipation and grow the hype for their work and have solid premiere.

2. Singers and musicians

Musicians can offer live performance, give details on music tracks, share inspirations on their music.
They can offer signed merchandise through their stores. 
Give backstage access to their concerts.

3. Athletes

Athletes can share their diets, show off their workout routines.
They can give tips for improvements in their sports.
Show off their habits and day-to-day activities.

4. Models

Models can show off their latest work.
Photos and videos are sure of no short supply.
While making subscribers content requests through one-on-one messages.

5. Chefs

Chefs can share cooking tips, preparations guide, ingredients list.
Kitchen products recomendations.
Show off their signature meals.
Share their restaurants experiences.

6. Authors and Writers

Authors can share their inspirations, their knowledge and give advise on their experiences.
Share exclusive content.

7. Gamers and Streamers and Cosplay

Gamers can get a little more personal, share a bit more about their lives.
Give product recommendations.
Get into Cosplay.
Give gaming industry insiders news.

8. Crypto investors

Investors can teach on how to jump into the growing crypto world.
How to start, what to look for, and what to expect.
Give signals on when to buy and when to sell.

9. Life coaches

Life Coaches can share how to connect with oneself on a deeper level.
In the world we live in today there can be a lot of noise.
Giving guidance, tips and knowledge are very sought after for people looking for a renewed self.

10. Travel bloggers

Travel Bloggers can share their experiences, recommendations, and tips for getting the most of your money at each traveled location.

11. Comedians

Making people laugh is a good way to bring your audience onto your Onlyfans Page.
The good thing about comedy is that each day presents opportunities for laughter.

12. Inventors

Inventors can use the platform for funding their next project.
Apart from Kickstarter and Indiegogo, on Onlyfans can Inventors go much deeper into details about their creations and their end goal.

Tips for growing your audience and gaining paid subscribers

Give your audience reasons to join your Onlyfans.
Entice your audience, spark curiosity in them.
One way to achieve this is by creating your own Telegram channel, where you are in control of what you post without giving out personal details.
Create Challenges for your audience, where they will upload content with your hashtags promoting your social media accounts even further.

For example, an Athlete can initiate a challenge to do a specific workout and to post their accomplishment using your hashtags.
Making your other followers want to join in as well.

Do regular giveaways.
Don’t be afraid to try new things and mix things up.
Read more about the best Onlyfans guide here.


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