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banking the right way

Save smartly

Saving ‘just because’ is fine, but saving for something special is fun. Qapital helps you get there faster with Goals and Rules – two clever ways to supercharge your saving with little effort. Plus you can even team up with others to reach Shared Goals.

Spend happily

A Qapital account opens up lots of powerful ways to work with your money, and to make your money work harder. Find your Spending Sweet Spot and achieve the perfect balance between what you want now, and what you want most.

Invest confidently

Qapital’s pre-built portfolios are ideal for budding investors – give us a timeline and amount and we’ll do the rest. We’ll even diversify your funds so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Plan effortlessly

Use our Payday Divvy to define your spending, rather than letting it define you. Divvy up significant deposits in a few taps to make sure you cover your commitments while funding your future.

Our clients say

I love using this app because it allows my boyfriend and I to save for things that are most important! We have two savings together and I have one for myself and because of the rules I have set up for each goal, Qapital puts a decent amount into each savings goal! I LOVE IT
triceybo • 11 Jun, 2018
The best saving app!
As a recent college grad, Qapital helps me stay on top of rent and savings without thinking about it! While also helping me save for fun things! And the aesthetic is gorgeous! And super user friendly!
Nicole D • 20 Jun, 2018
Life Saver as a Recent College Grad
Wow – Qapital’s integration of FitBit and other interesting apps is genius! Now as I work to meet my fitness goals, my savings through the new FitBit rule are rewarding me for my consistency and progress. Great way to stay on track with both financial goals and others simultaneously!
JKBANKS58 • 20 Feb, 2020
Flexible and Fun Savings Rules!
Love this app!! It does all the work for you and NOW even has investing for people with just a bit to invest.
Oomie55 • 11 Jun, 2018