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What Is AVN Stars? Plus Get 3 Exclusive Bonuses

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AVN Stars: Adult fanclub platform

AVN Stars is a Fanclub system powered by AVN.
Models can generate income from costs Fanclub memberships, tales, and also live streaming.
It is likewise has a social component to it and also can be utilized to publish updates and also engage, in addition to monetizing with subscriptions. AVN Stars is likewise very integrated into AVN and utilized for things such as nominations and ballot. Right here are all the details on AVN Stars.

Getting started

The only significant need is that you should be eighteen years or older and have the rights to all material being posted. Anybody can sign up with AVN Stars as social media without providing tax obligation information (W9) or age verification. The verification files and tax obligation files are required to bill for anything, nonetheless. All genders as well as sexual preferences rate and any person can make money on the platform. Studios, manufacturers, and also various other services are also welcome on the platform too.

How much can you make on the platform?

AVN Stars pays its entertainers 80% of all income generated on the site. This is a flat price for all solutions (registrations, messaging, pointers, etc).
Creators have the potential to make a 5% lifetime revshare from all incomes from various other AVN Stars described the site.

Cashout options, minimums and frequency

AVN Stars uses cashouts through either ACH or Paxum. The minimum cashout is $25. Cashouts are made on-demand as well as can be requested once the minimum payout is reached. Cashouts may use up to seven days to be satisfied after payments are asked for.

AVN Stars Features

Monthly Subscriptions

The primary emphasis of AVN Stars is the Fanclub platform. Models have the ability to establish their monthly rate. Customers must subscribe in order to access any one of the costs web content published to the platform. Users have to continue to pay the regular monthly subscription whenever it expires in order to keep being able to access the content.

Individual Clips

Stars also support the sale of individual video clips. You can find the clip store by seeing the model account web page as well as clicking on the shop tab. To upload, merely drag as well as drop the video clip documents you wish to post. When submitted, set the cost for the clip and it prepares to be marketed!

Fund Me Feature

In addition to month-to-month subscriptions, models can additionally monetize AVN Stars with the fund attribute. AVN Stars members are able to show a dollar amount to tip the performer or producer.

Live Video

With a Go Live function. When going live, it’s possible to set up whether the live feed is for customers only, or visible to everybody. During the online programs, it’s possible for users (clients or anyone, depending upon setups) to like, comment as well as tip.

Social Media Features

The platform is pretty much like a social media network. This includes an activity feed, links, and also followings, direct messaging, and all the bells as well as whistles you would certainly expect on a social system. Actually, if users wish to utilize it as a social network, instead of a Fanclub platform, that is totally possible. Through the marketing features, AVN Stars can additionally double as a promotional tool.

Watermarking for Photos / Videos

AVN Stars has a setting to automatically watermark uploaded photos and videos. Watermarking can be enabled or disabled from whitin the dashboard.

Geoblocking: Block Specific Countries

AVN Stars supports regional blocking on the country-level. It’s also possible to block specific IP addresses, as well as individual users.

AVN Fans Affiliate / Referral Program

AVN Stars offers an affiliate program/model referral program. With the referral program, models can make a 5% lifetime revshare by referring other models to AVN Stars. By default, the web link goes directly to the profile web page, however, it’s possible to include the tracking criteria throughout the homepage or any other web page on the site.

Studio / Producer Accounts Supported

AVN Stars additionally supports producer as well as workshop accounts. These accounts work precisely the same as a model account. In the dashboard, it’s feasible to choose “Organization” under Gender. These aren’t studio accounts where studio models can be registered under the account. It’s just for producers that are searching for more methods to monetize their web content. If you’re running a workshop with models working under you, it’s feasible to make the most of the 5% reference program rather.

AVN Stars Highly Integrated Into AVN

There are multiple ways that AVN has actually incorporated its other items right into AVN Stars. AVN Includes their most popular entertainers straight on the AVN homepage, connecting to their AVN Stars accounts. AVN has also incorporated the nominating as well as voting procedure directly into AVN Stars, as well as providing some advertising devices for the candidates.

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