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What is SubscribeStar? Plus Get 3 Exclusive Bonuses

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So what is SubscribeStar?

SubscribeStar is an independent subscription media system that operates on a monthly registration basis as well as gives material marketplace capability for content makers (i.e. “Stars”).

We offer accessibility to the media material published by the Stars to the users (i.e. “Subscribers”).

Subscribers are charged for registration. The Stars are paid for the material they post on SubscribeStar.

SubscribeStar is right for each person or a firm that creates original, interesting, and also lawful content regularly: for musicians, performers, artists, comics, bloggers, as well as vloggers, for podcasters, radio hosts as well as tv shows, for political analysts as well as spiritual leaders, DIY-ers as well as fashionistas, for motivational speakers, organization experts, and sporting activities trains – you name it.

Who is SubscribeStar for?

SubscribeStar makes it possible for the target market to uncover new celebrities/talents or simply comply with the ones they currently know. On another hand, we invite all Stars, established or arising, in locations including but not restricted to songs, literary works, art, dancing, digital photography, acting, sporting activities, business, media, funds, scientific research, and so forth.
If you are a vlogger, celebrity or entertainer, educator or trainer, political commentator or radio host, gamers with streaming experience, occasion location or occasion coordinator, clerical company, individual preacher, or adult media artist – just click “Come to be a Star” as well as start your journey!

Any age restrictions?

For the Stars we do have the option to note their web page as “18+ only”. In this manner we can tailor our solution with needed precision: clients will certainly be clearly cautioned whenever they access this type of content so their experience is always risk-free and delightful.
Additionally, to spend for the membership or make a payment, a subscriber needs to be of legal age for such deals in his/her location of residency.

How can I become a Star?

It should not take more than a minute – simply click “Become a Star” at the top of any type of page on the website, complete a brief and easy form, confirm your e-mail address and that’s it! Now you can upload your material and also make money

What are their fees?

Their service fee is only 5%. They can make it lower per their sole discretion. Some profiles request extra services and agree on individual fees.

What are the transaction fees?

This is what payment processor takes from each transaction. SubscribeStar is not a payment processor (not a company processing credit card transactions). A single credit card transaction fee is 2.9% + $0.30 on average. For transactions over $30 it’s 3.5% + $0.30 per transaction.

How can you withdraw money?

Bank transfers (Wire, ACH), nearly any nation global transfers.
other sorts of digital accounts offering bank credentials.

ACH is one of the most trustworthy options: 1) it’s faster 2) it’s more secure, you’re not getting your cash through a 3rd-party solution which has its own regulations as well as terms.

What other payment payout options do they offer?

Any service which has bank account credentials is supported. Although if you reach out to their support, you can let them know if there is a payout method that is more convenient for you – they are very helpful.

How do you get paid?

You make a demand on your Payment page with the quantity you intend to withdraw. You can submit requests every 2 weeks. You require to get to $150 on your balance to make a request. The minimum demand amount starts from $50. Sometimes a solitary payout is made in multiple purchases.

What type of the content should you post?

This is absolutely up to you. Whether that be writings, audio, video clip, or pictures – you can upload your web content taking into consideration the copyright laws and also other human norms.

How do they manage VAT?

No stress, they handle and pay VAT.

Do they make transfers to banks outside of the US?

Yes they do, however you should reach out to their support team to verify if they can send payouts to your country. 

Tips for getting started?

We suggest going over their “Terms and Conditions” and “Guidelines” to ensure you will be set on the right path from the start.

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